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Five Executions in Kerman Province Including One in Public

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FiveIran Human Rights - Yadollah Movahed, the head of the Judiciary in Kerman, has reported on five executions in Iran, including one in public.

According to the state-run news agency, Mehr, Yadollah Movahed announced the execution of five prisoners in the province of Kerman who are "agents of insecurity and evil".

"In the past several days, the execution sentences for five prisoners, who are agents of insecurity and evil, were carried out in the eastern and southern parts of the Kerman province for various charges, including Moharebeh, armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder. They were executed after they were convicted and the course of legal proceedings," says Yadollah Movahed.

Mr. Movahed did not indicate the exact dates of the executions, the exact charges of the prisoners, or the names of the prisoners. No other Iranian state-run news agencies have reported on these five executions.

The lack of transparency regarding executions in Iran and the closed space for human rights activists have raised concerns that the real number of executions in Iran are much higher than those recorded by human rights activists.