Iran: Man Executed For Drug Charges In Ardebil


Iran: Man Executed For Drug Charges In ArdebilIran Human Rights -  One prisoner was reportedly executed at Ardebil Central Prison (Northwestern Iran).

According to a close source, on the morning of Wednesday September 20, a prisoner was executed at Ardebil Central Prison on drug related charges.

The prisoner was identified as Tofigh Yousefi. On the morning of Sunday September 17, Tofigh Yousefi and another prisoner, named Shahin Parsajou, were transferred to solitary confinement. Iran Human Rights (IHR) had reported the execution of Shahin Parsajou which was carried out on Monday September 18. However, Tofigh's execution was delayed until Wednesday for unknown reasons.

The execution of Tofigh Yousefi and Shahin Parsajou has not been announced by the state-run media so far.

The execution of prisoners with drug related charges continues to be carried out in Iran despite the fact that the bill for the amendment to the drug law in Iran has been approved by Iranian Parliament. However, the Guardian Council must still approve the bill.