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Mohammad Nazari; Serving His 24th Year with No Hope for Freedom

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Mohammad NazariHRANA News Agency – Mohammad Nazari, ill political prisoner of Rajaei Shahr of Karaj, began to serve his 24th year of imprisonment in this prison. This political prisoner has been deprived of parole, medical furlough and proper medical treatment due to ambiguous paper work and administrative processes, despite suffering from heart disease and arteritis.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Nazari, political prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison who is suffering from heart diseases and neck arteritis, began to serve his 24th year of imprisonment without furlough and deprived from medical treatment, on Tuesday May 30.

A close source to Mr. Nazari told HRANA's reporter, "Mohammad Nazari who is suffering from heart diseases and neck arteritis, has been deprived of proper medical treatment and medical furlough. Principal of prison has claimed that the order to transfer him to a hospital has to be issued by the revolutionary court of Karaj, while the revolutionary court of Karaj announced that Uremia court should do the administrative formalities. Uremia court, however responded that the HRANA news agency had reported in April 2016 that Mr. Nazari in the long term of imprisonment has had no furlough and proper medical treatment for unclear bureaucratic reasons.

An informed source told HRANA's reporter, "The court which has issued the sentence is in Mahabad and consequently his transfer or furlough needs to be ordered by this branch, whereas he is kept in Rajaei Shahr in Karaj".

This source continued, "Even by the order of the expert physician regarding the need for angiography, prison authorities refuse to send him to a hospital. Because this is only in the competence of Mahabad court. His subrogation case in Karaj revolutionary court is only for prison, and despite the follow ups, Tehran prosecution office does not respond".

This informed source said at the end of the interview, "This process has become so complex that even when he was transferred to the hospital for his heart disease, it was due to emergency nature of the incident and it was carried out by the order of the head of prison. Still despite the emphasis of the physician in the hospital, he was sent back to prison the same day, due to lack of permission from Mahabad court. In fact, Karaj prosecution office is just authorized for keeping this prisoner. It is irrelevant to Tehran prosecution office and Mahabad court does not do anything."

Need to be mentioned, Mohammad Nazari, son of Hamdollah was born in 1971. He was arrested on charge of cooperation with one of the Kurdistan opposition parties in Boukan in 1994, and sentenced to life time prison, in a very ambiguous trial. Mr. Nazari previously claimed that his sentence was based on confessions under pressure and tortures.

Mr. Nazari could not use medical furlough throughout the past 22 years. He is currently serving his sentence in exile.