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Family: Iran Rejects Detained British-Iranian Woman's Appeal

Family: Iran Rejects Detained British-Iranian Woman's AppealVOA - A British-Iranian woman detained in Iran while on a trip with her toddler daughter has exhausted all chance of having her five-year prison sentence overturned in court, her family said on Monday.

IRGC Commander Publicly Criticizes Rouhani’s Refusal to Block Telegram Call Service Before Election

CHRI - One month before Iranians head to the polls, a senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has revealed that President Hassan Rouhani opposed pressure to ban the popular Telegram application's newly released "Voice Calls" service.

University Student Groups Decry Security Climate on Campus, Rising Costs and Gender Segregation

CHRI - Seventy-two student organizations from universities throughout Iran have issued a joint statement asking President Hassan Rouhani to end the security climate on campuses, halt the rising cost of education, and stop discriminatory practices against female students.

Iran's Judiciary Blocks Voice Calls On Telegram Messaging App

PayvandNewss - Iran's judiciary has blocked newly introduced call features on a highly popular messaging app called Telegram. It was not immediately clear whether the reason for the blocking of voice calls, introduced last week, was a political move ahead of the country's May presidential election or an attempt to protect the commercial interests of Iranian telecom companies.

Iranian government confronts Telegram as election approaches

Iranian government confronts Telegram as election approachesAl-monitor - In the aftermath of the 2009 post-presidential election protests in Iran, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube became popular platforms to disseminate videos and information from inside the country to the outside world. In response, authorities quickly blocked the sites, ultimately slowing their growth domestically. That restriction created an opportunity for a messaging app called Telegram to take the country by storm years later.

Iran social media activists held on ‘security’ charges

IranAl-Arabia - Iranian social media activists arrested ahead of next month's presidential elections are being held on security and obscenity charges, the judiciary said Wednesday.

Rights Activist Atena Daemi Hunger Strikes Against IRGC-Related Additional Sentence - Imprisoned civil rights advocate Atena Daemi has started a wet hunger strike to protest new sentences issued against her and her two sisters for allegedly insulting agents of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Iran's Judiciary Chief Forbids Election Protests Ahead of May Vote

Iran's Judiciary Chief Forbids Election Protests Ahead of May - A little over a month before Iranians head to the polls on May 19, 2017, Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani has warned that a repeat of the protests against the disputed result of the 2009 presidential election would not be tolerated.

Political Prisoner Serving Seven Years Gets Additional 91 Days for IRGC Charges - An additional 91 days were added to civil rights activist Atena Daemi's seven-year prison sentence for her peaceful activism. The sentence was issued to Daemi and her two sisters after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) responded to her complaint about their use of excessive force with a complaint of their own.

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