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REZA ENTESARI'S HEART ATTACK; PRISON OFFICIALS REFUSE TO SEND HIM TO HOSPITAL - Reza Entesari, imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish, last Wednesday midnight, was transferred to infirmary of ward 8 of Evin prison because of an heart attack. But due to the absence of a physician in prison infirmary, he was not examined and even electrocardiographic monitoring (ECG) has not been possible due to lack of facilities there.

Letter of Farah Baghi from Yazd Prison: Rejection of Parole for a Baha’i Citizen

farah-baghi-300x191HRANA News – Farah Baghi, a Baha'i citizen who has been imprisoned since 10 February 2015, has written a letter to the head of the Intelligence Office in Yazd province regarding the rejection of her parole request by the Intelligence Office. In this letter she offers a glimpse of the suffering imposed on her and her family; you can read the text of this letter which has been provided to HRANA below:

Trial of Four Baha’is in Gorgan

ghezavatiranpresswatch -  For the fourth time, a group trial of Baha'i citizens of Golestan Province has been held, in this case for Ms. Roofia Pakzadan, Ms. Shohreh Samimi, Ms. Parivash Shojaee and Ms. Tina Mohebati.

Pastor convicted of 'spreading corruption on Earth' given temporary reprieve in Iran

christiantoday - A Christian church leader has been set free from prison in Iran but only for a limited time, as nuclear talks enter the final phase between the country and US-led powers.

Pastor Benham Irani has been given release but only temporarily, lasting for 15 days, CBN News wrote.

Baha’i Art Teacher Arrested in Front of His Students, No Charges Announced - The Baha'i artist Shahriar Siroos was arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents on June 30 in Tehran and is being held at Evin Prison but the charges against him are not yet clear, a source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

JAILED DERVISH DEPRIVED OF FAMILY VISITS - By order of the head of Shiraz Nezam Prison, the family of imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish Kasra Nouri, was prevented of join in the visiting room.

Iran's persecuted converts - The Iranian-American woman Naghme Abedini has been fighting for her husband's release from an Iranian jail for some time now. He is a Christian convert accused of founding "underground churches" in the Islamic Republic – institutions that are growing ever more popular in Iran.

Shop Closures Only One Element of Economic Persecution of Iranian Baha’is

medium_bwns_805_1iranpresswatch —The recent punitive closure of Baha'i-owned shops (link is external) in four Iranian cities by the authorities, after the proprietors shut their businesses to observe Baha'i holy days, is merely the latest in a series of efforts by the government of Iran to destroy the economic livelihoods of its Baha'i citizens.

ATTACKS ON TOMB OF DERVISH NASER ALI IN ISFAHAN - According to the news received so far, yesterday, some unknown persons tried to burn the tomb of the great poet and late Shaikh of Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi order, Mr. Izadgoshasb, Dervish Naser'Ali at the historical Takht-e Foulad cemetery, where a number of respected Iranian figures are buried. The mentioned persons burned the door of the tomb but after the notification, local residents prevented fires from growing into a conflagration.

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