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Manifestation in France in solidarity with political prisoners in Iran

Tarascon5-may2013IOPHRI - On Saturday May 4, in France, a group of Iranian human rights supporters of the International Organization to Preserve Human Rights in Iran expressed their solidarity with all the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran. They played daf together and demanded the unconditional and immediate release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and the imprisoned dervishes.

The ultimate goal of a brilliant civilization of the Islamic Awakening


islamic-awakening-speech-khamenei-IOPHRI - Full text of Supreme Leader's speech on Islamic awakening conference of international scholars - Tehran 2013-04-30

The howl of weak wolves and the powerful roar of lions

wolfIOPHRI - Howling of wild animals from the zoo of enemies of purified Islam
The truth is that asses fled from a lion 

Hanover – Freedom for Nasrin


Hannover Nasrin Aktion7IOPHRI - Last Sunday evening, 21April, members of the International Organization to Preserve Human Rights in Iran met at the main station in Hanover, playing music on a Persian frame drum Daf along with violin and loudly demanded the release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and the dervishes internet personnel and  laywers, imprisoned in Evin prison in Tehran, Adel Abad prison in Shiraz and Bandar Abbas's central Prison.

The Death Penalty 2012

amnesty-death-penalty-2012Amnesty International - Although the global trend towards abolition remained strong, 2012 saw a disappointing resumption of executions in a number of countries, notably Gambia, India, Japan and Pakistan.


 chivalrypersianamuk Chivalry

Iran's Gender Apartheid - women without rights


iranian-womanFME - Iran lacks basic women's rights - This "gender apartheid" of Iranian women is reminiscent of the treatment of blacks in South Africa. Let's stop Iran's Gender Apartheid together!

The fear of the 'Sect and Religious Institute in Qom'

 dorr-tvIOPHRI - The fear of the mafia group “The Sect and Religious Institute in Qom” under the leadership of Javad Mehrabi due to the exposure of their crimes against humanity by the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran (IOPHRI)

Freedom for Nasrin in The Hague


freedom-for-nasrin9IOPHRI - Freedom for Nasrin in The Hague, The Netherlands on 23 February 2013

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