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Iranian Journalist's One-Year Prison Sentence and Two-Year Ban on Media Upheld - The journalist Rayhaneh Tabatabaie, 35, has been informed that the Appeals Court has approved her one-year prison sentence and two-year ban on political and media activities issued in November 2014 by Judge Salavati.

Iran Second Most Censored Country

iranwire - Iran ranks among the top three most censored countries in the world, according to this year's Freedom On The Net report.

UN: Iran Must Stop Intimidating Journalists

PayvandNews - U.N. human rights experts are urging Iran to stop intimidating journalists before parliamentary elections next year. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said Wednesday Iranian authorities should stop arresting, prosecuting and harassing journalists and online activists, and should provide a safe space for freedom of expression in the lead-up to the elections.

IRGC arrests “enemy elements” in Iranian media

irgcRadiozamaneh - A website linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps and Islamic Republic hardliners says the IRGC has arrested "five enemy elements" involved in the media.

Iranian ,Poverty ! -

How Can They Claim There are No Journalists Imprisoned?

Roozonline - Security forces in Mahabad broke raided the offices of Ravangah news website and arrested its manager, Hossein Sheikh Aghai who is also the caricaturist for the newspaper. A reporter told Rooz Online that the website had a reformist attitude adding that the detention of the manager rather than the initial customary warning indicated an "excluding" and violent response.

Newspaper may face trial for its headlining of commander’s “martyrdom”

        Royesh Mellat dailyRadiozamaneh - Iran's Press Supervisory Board has issued a warning to the reformist newspaper Royesh Mellat and referred the file to the judiciary for the paper's use of the term "death" rather than "martyrdom" in reference to the recent death of Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Hamedani in Syria.

Judiciary chief raises alarm over satellite “sneak attack”

Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli LarijaniRadiozamaneh - The head of the Iranian judiciary is calling on prosecutors across the country to deal with what he describes as a "cultural anomaly".

Banning of Films Continues under Rouhani Administration, 14 Movies Now Forbidden

Banning of Films Continues under Rouhani - Despite repeated statements made by President Rouhani regarding the need to allow more cultural freedoms in Iran, the banning of films in the Islamic Republic has continued unabated during his two-year administration.

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