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Narges-MohammadiAmnesty - Iranian human rights defender Narges Mohammadi's trial on national security-related
charges will begin on 6 October in Tehran. She is still being denied the specialized
medical care she requires. She is a prisoner of conscience.

Plight of Women’s Futsal captain raises public ire over law

Shahindokht MolaverdiRadiozamaneh - After the National Women's Futsal team captain, Nilufar Ardalan, was denied leaving the country to participate in the Asian Championships 2015 because her husband refused to give her permission to leave the country, negative reactions to the legal requirement of a husband's permission for Iranian women seeking to travel abroad continues to make headlines. Shahindokht Molaverdi, President Rohani's deputy for women's and family affairs says there is persistent public protest against this law and her office is making every effort to reform the law.

My Wife is Imprisoned in Iran - Demand Her Release - Bahareh and I were giddy with excitement that summer day in 2008. Our wedding ceremony was just a day away. But Iranian authorities raided Bahareh's house and took her to prison. We have since spent just a year together.

An Unusual Report!

dress-political-dissentRoozonline - Last year Iran's parliament, the Majlis, approved the generalities of the hijab protection bill. The bill, which was signed by three women in addition to the many men MPs, contains some dangerous provisions which not only indicate a new wave of anti-women attacks but will also push society into greater hatred, discrimination, dishonesty and divisions. Here are some highlights of the bill:

Atena Farghdani Has Been On Hunger Strike For 3 Days

Atena Faraghdani

HRANA News Agency – Defamation and verbal abuse carried by wardens forced Atena Faraghdani, the civil rights activist to go on a three-day-hunger strike. She emphasized that she will start her hunger strike again, if these behaviors continue.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Atena Faraghdani, who has charged with “adultery” for handshaking with her lawyer, after putting this charge on his status, has been continuously under verbal abuse by wardens, and according to her mother, she had been on hunger strike for 3 days.

Her mother told HRANA’s reporter, “This week we went to visit her. Her appearance was messy, and then we realized that she has been on hunger strike for three days without telling us. It is because, after her handshake with her lawyer and false allegation of adultery was added to her case, the wardens continuously verbally abused her, even during her transfer to the hospital. Due to her lymph and blood disease and bad physical condition, a hunger strike is very distressing”.

Atena Faraghdani has complained to this issue and asked for the removal of the allegation from the case.

Her mother called such behaviors a “false allegation”, “illegal and felonious” which has harmed her daughter.

Atena Faraghdani, painter, visual artist and civil rights activist, face “adultery” charge for handshaking with her lawyer, Mohammad Moghimi on Saturday June 13, 2015. Her lawyer was arrested as well and transferred to Rajaei Shahr prion which was criticized by many lawyers.

Ms. Faraghdani has been imprisoned since January 10, 2015, and was sentenced to 12 years and 9 months in prison by judge Salavati. Her charges are “insulting parliament members by drawing cartoons”, “collusion with anti-revolutionary people” and “insulting to supreme leader”.

Atena Faraghdani said last year after two months under revolutionary guard’s detention, that her criticizing paintings were the subject of the interrogation. She is currently kept in women’s ward of Evin prison.

Shokoufeh Azar Under Detention Since 4 Months Ago

Ghazaleh ShiriHRANA News Agency – Shokoufeh Azar, civil rights activist, is more than 4 months under detention without scheduled court session and is being kept in women's ward of Evin prison.

Beyond glass ceiling, Iranian women face iron fence

Al-monitor — Iranian authorities have moved to introduce gender quotas that shut out women in its exams for those seeking government and public sector jobs. Coupled with reports of high rates of unemployment among women, this has sparked serious doubts about the administration of President Hassan Rouhani's approach toward increasing women's presence in society.

Nahid Gorji In A Bad Psychological Situation Under Detention

Nahid GorjiHRANA News Agency – The mental condition of Nahid Gorji is reported "bad and severely depressive" in the 12th month under detention.

Iran's big woman problem: All of the things Iranian women aren't allowed to do

Telegraph - The captain of the Iranian women's football team was banned from travelling by her husband - but that's just the tip of the iceberg, writes David Blair

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