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Blogger Rojin Mohammadi Under Increasing Pressure in Evin

rojin-mohammadiMajzooban Noor - Imprisoned blogger and medical student, Rojin Mohammadi, is under increasing pressure in Evin Prison. On November 23, 2011, Rojin Mohammadi was arrested after returning to Iran.

A quarter of Iranian women suffer from mental disorders

Iranian_women2Shahrzad News - Speaking at a press conference for the National Women’s Health Week seminar,  Dr. Abbas Nasehi, chairman of the mental health department at the health ministry, said that the figures represent a major national problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

Blogger Rojin Mohammadi Arrested Upon Arrival

rojin-mohammadiFreedom Messenger - Blogger Rojin Mohammadi was arrested after returning to Iran and was then transferred to Evin Prison. Rojin Mohammadi is a medical student at the University of Manila (UM) in Philippines.

Iran to scrap foreign clothes from shops

iran_hijabFreedom Messenger - The Working Secretary of the Apparel and Fashion Organizing Group said that foreign apparel would be removed from the clothing production line.

Iran to women: No skiing unless with a male guardian

Iranian_womenThe Washington Post - The first snow of the season fell in Tehran this week, but female ski bums planning to carve fresh lines at one of the three resorts in the Alborz mountain range will be able to hit the slopes only if they are accompanied by a male guardian

Women urged to put their stamp on Arab Spring

Protesting_moslim_womenReuters - Women should voice demands about their rights during the popular uprisings sweeping the Arab world to avoid being short-changed by post-revolutionary governments, Iranian Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi said.

Iranian Cleric Mohsen Ghara’ati Blames Women Opposing Polygamy

mohsen-qaraati-Freedom Messenger - In his weekly televised lessons aired on IRIB Channel 1, Iranian cleric Mohsen Ghara’ati blamed women for opposing polygamy and standing in the way of their husbands who wish to get a second wife. Hojat-ol-Islam Mohsen Ghara’ati is the head of the Center for the Promotion of Prayers and a Muslim scholar teaching and promoting the Quran.

Iranian actress released from jail

My-Tehran-for-Sale--movie-Marzieh_VafamehrRadio Zamaneh - Detained Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr has been released after three and half months in custody.

15 female students banned from mid-term registration at university for not participating in mandator

studentsFreedom Messenger - After Hossein Saleh Nejad, the former head of the Science and Industrial University Bassij Department was appointed as the head of the School of Architecture at this university, a wave of insulting treatments of students started at this university. In his latest measure, this university official, who has close ties to security forces, banned 15 female students, who had not participated in the mandatory Chastity and Veil Session, from mid-term registration at the university.

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