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Election Office challenges Guardian Council over disqualification

Minoo KhaleghiRadiozamaneh - Mohammad Hossein Moghimi, the head of the Election Office, says it is in a legal dispute with the Guardian Council over the disqualification of Minoo Khaleghi, an Isfahan parliamentary candidate who won the third-highest number of votes in the February 26 election.

Disqualified candidate casts shadow over women’s political progress

Minoo KhaleghiRadiozamaneh - The Isfahan governor has confirmed the disqualification of Minoo Khaleghi, the third candidate elected from Isfahan in the parliamentary election of February 26. He also reported that the candidate has filed an appeal of the decision.

Mass Child Marriage Ceremony in Iran Denied by Local Officials - Fifty high school students were married in a mass ceremony in the Iranian city of Parsian, according to local news reports. But city officials have been downplaying the event and distancing themselves from the idea of encouraging child marriage.

Iranian Lawmaker Says Parliament Is No Place For Women, Donkeys

WomenRFL/RE - A hard-line Iranian lawmaker has come under fire for declaring that women should not be allowed to serve in parliament.

Iran Banned Women From Attending Men's Volleyball Games

Payvand News  - Iran banned women from attending the International Beach Volleyball Championships that ended Friday, the world volleyball governing body said.

UN voices alarm at growing number of child marriages in Iran

Ayourmiddleeast - A growing number of young girls are being forced to marry in Iran, UN rights experts warned Thursday, decrying laws permitting sexual intercourse with girls as young as nine.

Press TV Anchor Sexually Harassed by Boss for Years - Press TV bosses, including news director Hamid Reza Emadi sexually harassed former news anchor Sheena Shirani for years, the young female reporter revealed on Thursday, February 4.

Activist remains jailed with no court date in sight

Shokoufeh Azar MasoulehRadiozamaneh - Iranian activist Shokoufeh Azar Masouleh remains in jail without being charged and cannot put up bail due to a lack of financial means. In a letter from jail, Azar Masouleh writes that the court has not agreed to reduce the bail and release her until the time of her trial.

Faraghdani’s Handshake with Her Lawyer is Not a Crime, Judge Rules - Prisoner of conscience Atena Faraghdani and her lawyer, Mohammad Moghimi, have been acquitted of “illegitimate relations” for shaking hands during a prison visit. 

“My daughter was mentally crushed by this accusation but she’s very happy since she heard about the acquittal,” Atena Faraghdani’s mother, Eshrat Ardestani, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. The written decision was sent to Mohammad Moghimi on January 16, 2016.

Faraghdani, who is in Evin Prison awaiting a decision by the Appeals Court on her 12-year prison sentence for drawings she posted on Facebook, and Moghimi were charged with “illegitimate relations” after they shook hands in front of two prison guards at a meeting to discuss her case on June 13, 2015. Under the Islamic Republic’s laws, it is illegal for the opposite sexes to touch unless they are related. Moghimi was held in prison for four days for that handshake and released on bail.

After a closed-court trial in Branch 1166 of the Criminal Court on October 3, 2015, Judge Majid Sharifzad ruled that neither had broken the law.

A recipient of the Cartoonists Rights Network International’s 2015 Courage in Cartooning Award,  Faraghdani has been sentenced to 12 years and nine months in prison for a  drawing she posted on Facebook showing members of the legislature with animal heads. She was expressing her criticism of a bill outlawing voluntary sterilization and restricting access to birth control.

She was sentenced by Judge Salavati of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court on January 10, 2015, for “assembly and collusion against national security,” “propaganda against the state,” and “insulting the Supreme Leader, the President, Members of the Parliament, and the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] Ward 2-A agents” who interrogated her.

“The Appeals Court heard my daughter’s case on December 20, [2015,] and we are waiting for the decision. I beg the judicial officials to decide quickly. It took seven months for the Appeals Court to hear this case and now it has been almost a month and they still haven’t issued a verdict. This long indecision is harming the prisoner and her family,” Faraghdani’s mother told the Campaign.

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