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Sara Saei’s Case Has Been Sent To The Criminal Court Of Tehran

Mohammad Ali Taheri

HRANA News Agency – Sara Saei’s case has been sent to branch 1060 of Tehran criminal court.

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According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the case of Sara Saei, one of the students of Mohammad Ali Taheri and Halgheh theosophy activist, has been referred to branch 1060 of Tehran second criminal court.

Her lawyer, Mohammad Moghimi said that Sara Saei was a student of Mohammad Ali Taheri and had been arrested during the protests in front of Evin prison, on November 21, 2015. She was then transferred to Gharchak prison in Varamin. According to Moghimi, Ms. Saei was released on the bail after 8 days.

Her charge is disrupting public order.

Need to be mentioned, Gharchak prison is usually the place for keeping prisoners with heavy crimes.

Iran opens its first marathon to tourists - but women can't compete

Women,Telegraph - Iran's first marathon invites international tourists to run to the ancient city of Persepolis, but rules prevent women from joining

Ministry blocks album release; composer banned from working

Mah Banoo

Radiozamaneh -  The latest album of music by Majid Derakhshani, titled Khoroosh (roar), has been denied distribution, with the security department of the Ministry of Guidance stating that the prominent musician is banned from working.


The album contains Majid Derakhshani’s music sung by Mojtaba Asgari, and after over two years of red tape, it has been denied distribution by the ministry.


The ministry has informed Derakhshani that he is banned from musical activity for his collaboration with the Mah Banu music group.


Last December, Majid Derakhshani was banned from travelling abroad for collaborating with Mah Banu, and the musicians and singer from Mah Banu have been summoned by security forces on several occasions in the past year.


Derakhshani said at the time that he was not directly informed of the reasons for being banned from travelling abroad, but the summonses and former explanations have convinced him that “the presence of women in Mah Banu and the widespread video clips of their music” is at the heart of the restrictions imposed against him.


Derakhshani says he has been interrogated about the use of female singers in his music but insists that the courts have acquitted him of any charges in this regard. He says, therefore, that the ban on his music activities is unfounded.


Authorities stop group tour over “intermingling” of genders

tourismRadiozamaneh - Police stopped a tour bus en route to Naeen in Isfahan and cut the tour short for what the officers described as "the intermingling of men and women".

Iranian court sentences woman to death by stoning on International Human Rights Day

christiantoday - An Iranian criminal court has sentenced a woman to death by stoning over alleged complicity in the murder of her husband, according to reports.

Isfahan court bars mixed-gender tourist groups in Maranjab

maranjabRadiozamaneh - The Isfahan Provincial Court has issued an order prohibiting mixed-gender tours and tourist groups from entering the tourist region of Maranjab and the underground city of Nooshabad.

Tehran orchestra thwarts order to omit female musicians from concert

OrchestraA performance by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra to open the World Wrestling Club competitions was cancelled after the conductor refused to accept a last-minute demand to remove all female musicians.

Iran: Iranian bill a threat to women’s rights

amnesty-intl-logo - A discriminatory bill in Iran, that undermines women’s right to decide

Rohani intervenes to let Women’s Futsal Team play in World Cup

01041466-600x300Radiozamaneh - By special order of President Hassan Rohani, the Iranian Women’s Futsal Team will travel to Guatemala to participate in the 2015 World Cup.

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