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Faezeh Hashemi: Discriminatory Laws Against Women Must Change

Roozonline - The inability of Niloofar Ardalan, an awarded woman athlete, to travel to watch Iran's soccer team in the currently-going-on Asian soccer games (known as the AFC Asian Cup) has once again brought forth the discriminatory laws against women in Iran. Married women in Iran are required to provide the written consent of their husband when boing abroad.

Iranian Female Soccer Star Faces Husband-Imposed Travel Ban

NiloufarRFL/RE - It's a man's world for Niloufar Ardalan, one of Iran's best female soccer players and known as Lady Goal for her on-field exploits in international women's Islamic tournaments.

Ardalan says she will not be able to compete in an upcoming tournament in Malaysia because her husband has refused to grant her permission to travel abroad as required by Islamic laws enforced in Iran.

Over 40,000 Girls under AgeOpinion: Iran and the Non-Proliferation Treaty 15 Married Each Year in Ir

PayvandNews - Official Iranian government statistics show that tens of thousands of girls under the age of 15 are married off by their families each year in Iran. The numbers may actually even be quite higher. Many families in Iran do not register underage marriages, or do so illegally, according to attorney Shima Ghoosheh, who spoke to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Iran’s highly educated women face tougher job market

women at workRadiozamaneh - President Rohani's adviser for women and family affairs says more than 40 percent of women with higher education are unemployed.

Over 40,000 Girls under Age 15 Married Each Year in Iran


iranhumanrights - Official Iranian government statistics show that tens of thousands of girls under the age of 15 are married off by their families each year in Iran.

A Woman’s Right To Live Independently

Girls Who Flee From Home Are Not CriminalsRoozonline - Since my article "Girls Who Flee From Home Are Not Criminals" was posted I have been asked a legal question which I would like to address here below.

Girls Who Flee From Home Are Not Criminals

iran-women4Roozonline - When the term "fled from home" is attached to a girl's name, the mind of an Iranian invariably perceives prostitution and all kinds of sexual immorality and misbehavior on her behalf. State judiciary organizations in Iran regularly use this label against women who flee from home violence and the term has found its way into the country's media. In the eyes of the public whenever a girl is said to have fled her parents' home, she is invariably associated to be a prostitute, a harlot or loose. This characterization and association immediately turns a person into a criminal, in the eyes of the public.

Longer maternity leave could lead to job losses

parent-leave-womenRadiozamaneh - Iran's Social Security Office reports that a review of an 18-month period shows that of the 145,000 women who took six months off work after giving birth, 47,000 lost their jobs after returning to work.

The Iranian Woman Will Be Unveiled in 2025!

crime-impunityRoozonline - These are the words of a senior Iranian police official as reported on an Iranian website, Varsh News.

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