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Genital Mutilation Among Iranian Women

Roozonline - Iran is among the countries where female genital mutilation continues to be performed in some geographic regions. Such practices have become accepted as a form of violence against women, acts that sometimes result in death. On Saturday July 11th, Iran's Sociology Association held a conference titled "The Blade and Tradition" on the subject which was attended by sociologists and psychologist involved with this issue.

Iran changes law to make divorce more difficult

The measures, reported by media at the weekend, are contained in a new family law that a top official said would be implemented by Iran’s judiciary.— AFP/filedawn -  Iran has changed a law to make divorce by mutual consent invalid unless couples have first undergone state-run counselling, the country's latest move to tackle a rise in broken marriages.

Iran: Volleyball Federation Should Penalize Ban on Women


By - Iranian Women Still Excluded from Stadiums

(New York) – The International Volleyball Federation, also known as the FIVB, should penalize Iranian authorities for continuing to prevent Iranian women and girls from attending an international men's volleyball tournament in Tehran. Iran's men's national team is scheduled to play its final two matches in Tehran on July 3 and 4.

Centre for female runaways funded mostly by donations


Radiozamaneh - Iran's minister of labour and social welfare says a centre for homeless and runaway women will soon open in Tehran.

Iranian Peace Prize winner praises Kobani’s women

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi. Photo: AP rudaw - Earlier this month, the Norwegian House of Literature in Oslo held a panel titled "Women's Role and Participation in Islamic Societies," which included among its panelists the Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi.

AP Interview: Iran official says Islamic Republic to partially open stadium doors to women

8f996943c0afdc19780f6a70670023c9.jpgFOX – A senior Iranian official says a limited number of women will be allowed to attend Volleyball World League games in Tehran later this month as it lifts a ban on Iranian women attending male sporting events.

Public protest best hope for freeing Iranian artist sentenced to 12 years - The latest outrage in international cartooning circles involves no terrorism, no bloody automatic-weapon spray, no staged draw-the-prophet circus, no 24/7 cable-yak coverage and not much ink.

Female genital mutilation practised in Iran, study reveals

Atheguardian - The first authoritative study into female genital mutilation in Iran has found the practice is being carried out in at least four major provinces while officials are silent on the matter.

The Case of Acid Throwings in Isfahan Remains on the Chief’s Desk

Roozonline - With seven months since Iranian media first reported a series of acid throwing incidents in Isfahan, a senior police official announced that the cases were still in the investigation phase. General Mohammad-Reza Moghimi, the head of the country's police force said that he was personally working on the case and was "hopeful" about finding the prime suspect.

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